Tecalemit TECB242 4.2 Tonne Base Plate 2 Post Hoist

The Tecalemit two post vehicle hoist is designed with the professional mechanic in mind.
With a 4.2 tonne lifting capacity and featuring an asymmetrical design, the hoist easily caters for a wide range of vehicles from small passenger cars, light commercial, low clearance and off road recreational vehicles.
The TECB242 utilises a number of safety features in its design. The hoist is equipped with a pre-set loading limit to avoid overloading and an Aluminium motor to protect from heat damage. The multifunctional hydraulic system allows for manual lowering when power to the hoist is lost so you are never stuck with a vehicle on the lift




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Aluminium motor to avoid heat damage. Multifunctional hydraulic valve system allowing for manual lowering when power to the hoist is lost. Pre-set loading limit to avoid overloading. Adjustable lifting pads with a minimum height of 90mm. Pick up pad extenders to increase the pad height, ideal for off-road vehicles. Two stage long and three stage short lifting arms. Inside width suitable for SUV and wide vehicles. Door protection rubber pad. Integrated pick up pad holders. Foot protection


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