4-Post Hoists

Buy or Service a 4-Post Hoist in Perth with the Help of Our Team

Whether your business is looking to buy a new 4-post hoist in Perth or needs help servicing an existing hoist, the team at P&M Automotive Equipment is here to help. With a wide range of products to choose from and a talent for service, repairs, and maintenance, we can get you up and running with an effective hoist system in no time.

The Importance of a 4-Post Hoist

When it comes to buying a lift for your automotive workshop, you have two choices: 2-post hoists and 4-post hoists. Both pieces of equipment can be sufficient for getting the job done, depending on your needs. We also carry a range of both types of lifts at P&M Automotive Equipment, which means you can trust us to provide either type, no matter your preference. Here are a few reasons why you might consider investing in a 4-post hoist:

They are easier to use. Generally, the easiest way to lift a vehicle into the air is through the use of a 4-post hoist. With this type of elevator, you drive a car onto the lift platform, and it’s ready to lift. With a 2-post hoist, you need to align the vehicle carefully to make sure the hoist supports the ideal lifting points. Both lifts can be completely safe and effective for lifting a car, but there’s more balancing consideration with 2-post hoists than 4-post, which makes those hoists a bit more challenging to use.
They often offer slightly higher lifting capacities.Most of the 2-post hoists we stock land somewhere between the 3.5-tonne and 5.5-tonne marks in terms of lifting capacity (though we do have one that offers a 7-tonne lift capacity). We have more hoists in the 4-post category that hit or surpass the 6-tonne mark, and our maximum lift capacity for a 4-post hoist is slightly higher than for a 2-post hoist, at 7.2 tonnes.
They can offer more peace of mind. Particularly if you are looking for a lifting solution for long-term vehicle parking—some homeowners or businesses use lifts to expand garage capacity so that they can park cars essentially on top of one another—you will probably prefer a 4-post hoisting solution. These hoists provide a bit more peace of mind for parking applications since the entire car rests on the lift bed rather than being balanced at its lifting points across two hoists.
With these advantages stated, do note that most automotive workshops have both 2-post hoists and 4-post hoists in their service bays. You can certainly benefit from having both options.

Why Trust P&M Automotive Equipment Regarding Your 4-Post Hoist in Perth?

We love what we do—something that’s evident in the quality of the products we sell, the attentiveness of our customer service, and our commitment to quality installations, maintenance, and repairs. If you need a new 4-post hoist in Perth, or if you are due for a routine maintenance run, we are the people to call. Contact us today to get started.

What Sets P&M Automotive Equipment Apart Regarding 4-Post Hoists in Perth?

If you are shopping for 4-post hoists in Perth, here are a few reasons to team up with us:

  • Our longevity. Our business has been operating since 1981 and has built a reputation for superb equipment and services in the Perth automotive industry.
  • Our service department. Do you have a hoist that’s malfunctioning or failing? In addition to our sales department, we also offer product support and ongoing servicing for all the products we sell.
  • Our quick turnaround times. Perhaps you need a new hoist installed at your business immediately, or maybe you just need someone who can provide a rapid repair. We know that our clients often need our products and services to remain operational and make a point of emphasising quick turnaround times to keep you up and running. 
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