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Who to Call When You Need to Service Your Air Compressor in Perth
Air compressors play crucial roles in many businesses and worksites, powering vital tools and equipment, but what do you do if you have a compressor breakdown and need to call someone to service your air compressor in Perth? Who has the skills, the experience, the reputation, and the knowledge of air compressors specifically to provide the repairs or advice that you need? Enter P&M Automotive Equipment.


Why Trust P&M Automotive Equipment with Your Perth Air Compressor?

Whether you are shopping for a new air compressor in Perth or seeking someone who can carry out a reliable and thorough compressor repair or maintenance service, look no further than P&M Automotive Equipment. Between our experience and longevity, our wide-ranging equipment knowledge, and our glowing customer testimonials, we are a safe bet for any compressor-related needs you may have. Contact us today to learn more.

What to Expect from Us When You Need Help with Your Perth Air Compressor

At P&M Automotive Equipment, we offer equipment sales for automotive workshops, mining industry, government organisations and more. From automotive hoists to wheel aligners to air compressors, we carry the equipment these operations require to remain operational at all times. We also offer top-tier servicing of all the equipment we sell, compressors included. Here’s what you can expect if you call us to help with your Perth air compressor:

  • An experienced touch. P&M Automotive Equipment was established in 1981 and has been operating ever since. We are the same family-owned and operated business that we have always been, and our background is one of our most significant assets. With nearly 40 years of equipment sales and servicing under our belts, we can always ensure customers that we know our stuff.
  • An eye for detail. Whether we are carrying out an installation or working on a repair, we pay close attention to manufacturer recommendations when doing our work. By taking time to understand the nuances of each piece of equipment, we can provide more reliable servicing and deliver faster results for our clients.
  • A fast response. While routine maintenance of an air compressor is the best way to ensure it operates at optimal efficiency for the most extended lifespan possible; we know that sometimes breakdowns do happen. We also know that technical difficulties of this ilk can bring a workshop or worksite to a grinding halt. We offer quick, responsive service to minimise your downtime.
The Benefits of Routine Servicing of Your Air Compressor in Perth

Once we get your air compressor up and running or, if you buy a new air compressor from us, we recommend working with us to set up an ongoing maintenance schedule for your compressor. Here are a few benefits of having us regularly service your air compressor in Perth:

  • You will see efficiency and productivity gains. Well-maintained air compressors perform at full capacity, which makes for faster, more productive, and more efficient operations for your worksite, workshop or assembly line manufacturing operation.
  • You’ll save money. Replacing a failed air compressor or paying for costly repairs are both much bigger expenses than routine maintenance. Furthermore, when your compressor is operating at full capacity, you’ll see savings (or perhaps revenue gains) from the extra efficiency.
  • You’ll avoid downtime. Once you’ve gone through an air compressor failure once, you probably don’t want to do it again! Keeping to a maintenance schedule will go a long way towards preventing another breakdown from ever happening—in turn preventing the costly downtime that a busted compressor can entail.
What You Stand to Gain by Choosing P&M Automotive

With rapid turnaround times, proven quality of service, and support during and after sales to keep your shop functioning smoothly, P&M Automotive brings many advantages to the table for our clients. One of the leading installers of such equipment throughout WA, we look forward to rising to the challenge of meeting your requirements next.

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