Molnar SM270 – 2 Post Universal Car Hoist 7t

Molnar SM270 is a universal 7 tonne electro-hydraulic two post vehicle hoist, available with three phase or optional single phase motor. This hoist is ideally suited for vehicle repair and maintenance within industrial, commercial or domestic workshops.

The post profile and large foot plate offer unrivalled stability for stronger, smoother operation. The double telescopic arm length makes the SM270 one of the most versatile on the marked suitable for vehicles up to 7 tonnes.




Additional information


›› 7 tonne lifting capacity
›› Clear floor (no base frame)
›› Single hydraulic unit
›› Carriage with slide blocks
›› Push button control unit with upper
protection limit
›› Mechanical synchronisation
›› Safety ratchet system (no expensive
compressed air required)
›› Double telescopic front and rear arms
as standard
›› Automatic arm locking system
›› Minimum pad height 105 mm
›› Long reach front and rear arms ›
suitable for many passenger vehicles


Lifting Capacity: 7000 kg
Min. Lifting Time: 65 seconds
Drive Through Width Standard: 2900 mm
Lowest Lifting Point: 105 mm
Max. Lifting Height: 1885 mm
Overall Height Standard: 4915 mm
Motor Power: 3 Phase or Single Phase Available


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