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Services & Repairs

At P & M we understand that downtime on your machines leads to poor efficiency and reduced profitability. It is a known fact that the service and response times in this industry are generally very poor. Our large and professional service team generally enables us to provide better quality service and quicker response times than our competitors. As working under an unsafe device could effectively put a staff member in a hazardous or even life-threatening situation, it is not a job to be left to someone who is less than highly trained. Your machinery will be serviced and maintained by the best in the industry.

We operate in full compliance with the OHS act and according to WORKSAFE requirements. Do not put yourself and your company at risk through poor service providers. All of our work is professional and comes with a guarantee.

We realize that you are busy in the running of your own operation and will not always remember when the time comes for your machinery to be serviced. P & M have a full-time, in-house service coordinator and we will contact with you, when the time comes for servicing your equipment. This will help prevent any trouble with WORKSAFE inspectors.

At P & M we carry out installations, relocations, services, repairs, and safety inspections on any type of car or truck hoist.

No matter where you are in WA, feel free to call us for a quotation or advice. With a large client base, we operate on a state-wide basis, from Kununurra to Esperance.