Molnar SM75S – Electro Mechanical Mobile Columns

The SM75S Mobile column lifts are electro-hydraulically operated and are available as both cabled and bluetooth.

Easy to manoeuver due to Integrated towing jacks built into each column. Additionally, adjustable wheel forks mean there is no need for small wheel adaptors when using these columns for smaller wheels.

The bluetooth columns are also suitable for use in wash bays as they are IP44 rated. (Protected against water sprays from all directions)

Saving you space and time, the SM75S wireless mobile columns feature the best lifting capability for workshops looking to invest in superior quality equipment.

7.5 tonne lifting capacity per column. Available in sets of 4 (30 tonne) or 6 (45 tonne) columns.




Additional information


› 3KWmotorwith control
unit and alarm signal
› Lockable main switch
for emergency stop
› Integrated towing jack
› Sturdy column construction for
maximum versatility and vehicle
› Self-carrying spindlewith nut
sets and safety nuts
› Mechanically adjustedwheel
with locking device for automatic
lowering oftowing jack at
approximately 600kg load
› Electronic columns synchronise
during raising/lowering
› Allwheel sizes from
800 to 1140 mm diameter
› Different programs
to operate each
pair of columns
› Fixedwheelforks as standard


Lifting Capacity, up to: 7500 kg / column
Min. Height: 115 mm
Stroke Length: 1720 mm
Working Height: 1605 mm
Lifting / Lowering Time: 150 sec
Voltage: 3 x 400 V – 50Hz
Motor Power: 3 kW/column
Operation: Mechanical
Height: 2430 mm


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