Molnar SM460-S – 4 Post Service Hoist 6t




Additional information


› Integrated eccentric brake system
› Large diameter pulleys
› Motor and control unit located on rear
right post
› Push button control unit
› Emergency stop and lowering valve
› Hydraulic cylinder under right platform
Platforms / Ramps
› Platforms suited to Micro 3000 –
MOLNAR Jacking Beam
› Long run up ramps for easy vehicle
› 600 mm wide platforms
› Platform length of 5445 mm


Lifting Capacity: 6000 kg
Lifting Height: 1750 mm
Working Height: 1750 mm
Lifting / Lowering Time: 55 seconds / 30 seconds
Pump Unit: 3 kW Motor
Voltage: 3 Phase + Earth 415V 50hz Optional Single Phase
Total Length: 6855 mm
Platform Length: 5445 mm
Wheel Base: Variable
Platform Width: 600 mm
Distance between platforms: 945 mm
Minimum Height: 222 mm
Width between posts: 3010 mm
Total Width
(outer edges base plates): 3412 mm


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