Molnar SM440-A – 4 Post Wheel Alignment Hoist 4t

An electro hydraulic 4 post hoist with 4000kg capacity, designed to
optimise operator access and workshop
space. Ideally suited to wheel alignment for home, industrial or commercial workshops. With integrated slip plates, long run up ramps and ample provision for the addition of turntables, this vehicle hoist is suited to vehicles from passenger cars to light commercial vehicles.


Lifting Capacity: 4000 kg
Lifting Height: 1750 mm
Working Height: 1750 mm
Lifting / Lowering Time: 50 seconds / 30 seconds
Pump Unit: 2.2 kW Motor
Voltage: 3 Phase + Earth 415V 50hz Optional Single Phase
Total Length: 5595 mm
Platform Length: 4435 mm
Wheel Base: Variable
Platform Width: 562 mm
Distance between platforms: 928 mm
Minimum Height: 236 mm
Width between posts: 2734 mm
Total Width
(outer edges base plates): 3095 mm





Additional information


›› Integrated eccentric brake system
›› Large diameter pulleys
›› Motor and control unit located ›
on rear right post
›› Push button control unit
›› Emergency stop and lowering valve
›› Hydraulic cylinder under right platform
Platforms / Ramps
›› Platforms suited to Micro 2000 –
MOLNAR Jacking Beam
›› Long run up ramps for ›
easy vehicle approach
›› Slip plates included
›› Large provision for turntables


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