Lubrication Equipment and Services

P&M Automotive Equipment supply and maintain a broad range of equipment and lubrication services across Western Australia. We also have a large mobile service team who undertake calibrations, safety inspections, servicing of hoists and compressors, fitting of air lines and oil lines, installations and moving of entire workshops.

Delivering everything from mobile oil tanks and comprehensive workshop designs, to wireless fluid management and containment systems, our lubrication services include, but are not limited to;
 Water
 Coolant
 Compressed air
 Grease
 Waste oil
 Refuelling, and
 Oil reticulation
 Mobile servicing
 Repairs

We pride ourselves on innovating, developing, manufacturing and installing lubrication equipment solutions, fluid measurement and fluid transfer systems for Western Australia’s biggest automotive, industrial, mining and heavy vehicle organisations.

We offer our clients reliable, durable and industry benchmark performance, which means you can protect and grow your business for the long term through maximised uptime in your workshop, decreased maintenance and operational costs, plus exceptional support and servicing, now and into the future.

Together with Genesis and our combined global manufacturer network, we can offer a genuine whole of business solution, from equipment and parts, through to maintenance, servicing and comprehensive workshop fit outs.

Backed by our commitment to deliver the highest quality workmanship, service and equipment for your needs anywhere in Australia, you can rely on us to deliver the best job for the right price.

Get in touch with one of our lubrication specialists today and discover the difference.