CORGHI EXACT BLACKTECH X PLUS ECamera wheel alignment Technology at your service: simple, quick, precise.

EXACT Blacktech X Plus, the new passive target wheel aligner technology with 8 high resolution digital cameras for maximum measurement precision. The automation of the wheel alignment operations and the extreme reliability of the components greatly enhance productivity. A PC with Windows XP, EXACT Alignment Pro and complete multibrand vehicle specs are all provided standard. With these features, EXACT Blacktech X Plus has become an industry reference as well as a safe investment for wheel alignment professionals.

EXACT Blacktech XR
Model with automatic camera rotation. The cameras position themselves automatically to adapt to the predefined lift height.

EXACT Blacktech XP
Model with fixed Cameras.




Additional information

Technical data

Total toe ± 20°
Half toe ± 10°
Camber ± 10°
Caster ± 30°
King pin ± 30°
Thrust angle ± 10°
Power supply central unit 115-230 Vca
50-60 Hz – 1Ph
Central unit consumption 0,4 kW
Power absorption 500 W
Central unit 75 kg
Camera head 35 kg
Column 95 kg


Pillar with multifunction unit
Head with 8 high resolution digital cameras
Automatic camera rotation system (**)
LCD monitor (*)
Colour inkjet printer (*)
Brackets (*)
Premium PC – INTEL motherboard – DVD burner – multilingual Windows XP
Multibrand database with more than 20,000 cars and vans
EXACT Alignment PRO wheel alignment programme
Animated help for vehicle adjustment
Pre-set for: Cal One-Touch, OnLine Wheel Alignment, RH-Meter, ASA Network, ROMESS CM 09606


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