Corghi A224 Automatic Tyre Changer

Corghi A224 Automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilting column and 24″ turntable

  • Version with manual lowering of the head arm.
  • Pneumatically-operated tilting arm support column with high torsional rigidity, can be tilted in any working position.
  • Sliding supports with interchangeable clamping centres. Higher cast clamps for improved rim clamping from inside and outside.
  • Turntable with two pneumatic cylinders able to safely clamp any type of rim.
  • Telescopic (hexagonal) horizontal arm for quicker positioning of the head in relation to the rim.
  • Simultaneous pneumatic locking of the horizontal arm and head carrier vertical arm with automatic positioning of the latter to ideal working position.


corghi A224 tyre changer

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Available on request in DV version and with T.I. inflation system and alloy spot rims. A224A model – Automatic lowering of the head arm


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