STENHOJ MagiX 50 Electro-hydraulic scissor lift with platforms, 5 t capacity

Double master / slave system
Control stand with integrated pump unit and alarm signal
Electronic synchronization
Emergency lowering valve
Sturdy scissor construction
No mechanical connection between scissor sections
Optimum access to vehicle
Variable fitting width
Standard colours:

Platforms: red RAL 3020 / scissor: grey RAL 7016




Additional information

Technical data

Lifting capacity, up to 5,000 kg
Stroke length 1,810 mm
Working height 1,810 mm
Lifting / lowering time 55 sec.
Pump unit 4 kW
Voltage 3×230/400 V – 50 Hz

Scissor Platforms

Platform length 4,500/ 4,800/ 5,200 mm
Platform width 660 mm
Distance between platforms 875-1,000 mm
Drive-on height 0 mm
Depth of recess 340 mm


Available with different voltages
We recommend recession
I = for recession
S = flush platforms, incl. guiding edges for scissor jack
WL = with front recesses for turn tables and rear side slip plates, incl. guiding edges for scissor jack
Combi = platforms with integrated free-wheel lift
Also available with galvanized base frame and platforms
45 = 4500 mm platforms
48 = 4800 mm platforms


Set of expansion bolts
Set rubber blocks, 40, 60, 70, 80 and 100 mm
Guiding edges for scissor jack forCombi-versions
Play detector
Special colours available on request


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