MOLNAR SM245 4.5T Clearfloor 2 Post Hoist

Clear floor
Dual height and width setting as standard (extension kit needed only for wide/high version)
Arms can be parked parallel (easy and quick positioning of the pick up pads)
Asymmetric design, with improved door opening angle
Very low, 3 stage arms construction (all 4 arms)
Automatic arm locking system
Control buttons Up/Down and Park position
Sealed displacement cylinders
Other lifting pad options available
Custom Colours available
Isolation switch incorporated
Horizontal door protection
Automatic lock release when down button is activated
Power pack above operator
Unique column design for very stable structure
Designed and tested in Australia

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Additional information

Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 282 × 95 × 70 cm

Extension kit available for larger vehicles (high/wide version) 3 stage and single phase motors available Incorporated isolation switch 3 year warranty


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