WERTHER 254S-4 4T Electro-Mechanical 2 Post

• Symmetric lift without base-frame for greater space free area at work.
• Electronic synchronisation between carriages to keep the height difference within a max of 24mm.
• Two specially manufactured high performing motors to provide long life; fitted with protecting thermic sensor.
• Low voltage controls.
• Designed with 4 extended three-stage arms: Ideal for lifting vans and long wheel based vehicles, whilst perfect for standard vehicles.
• Pads min. height 103mm. only or the asymmetric lifting of big cars in armored version.
• Permanent and automatic screw lubrication.
• Operation: electro-mechanical.

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Additional information

Weight 745 kg
Dimensions 295 × 115 × 50 cm

The connecting cables can be fixed to the ceiling or recessed into the floor if your roof height is an issue. Quality Italian Manufactured


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